5 winter gardening jobs

5 winter gardening jobs

We are blessed with beautiful sunny winters in our region making it the ideal time to get out for your vitamin D fix and prepare your garden for the warmer months. Put these jobs on your to-do list this winter – your garden will thank you for it.

Improve your soil

Boost the organic matter in your soil so that your gardening is prepared for spring plantings. Now is the time to lay down your compost, blood and bone or animal manures. As they break down, they will improve your soil structure and retain moisture so that you have a healthy base when the temperature begins to rise again.

Do your heavy-lifting

The cooler months are the ideal time to tackle some of your more labour-intensive landscaping. If you’ve been thinking of installing a fire pit or creating some decorative features such as paving or laying down river rock, the milder temperatures will make for a pleasant day’s gardening rather than sweating it out in the summer. Winter is also a good time to get your mulching done to ensure your plants are kept at a steady temperature and to conserve water in the soil for future growth.

Prune deciduous plants

As the temperature drops deciduous plants become dormant and may need to be pruned. Cutting back encourages new growth so that you can enjoy a bountiful fruit and flower harvest in the spring. Avoid pruning in wet weather to reduce the risk of fungal and bacterial disease in your plants. Make sure you have the right tools too – sharp, clean cuts on an angle, just above a bud on the outside of the stem are best. This is also a good time to use a fungicide to prevent infections post pruning.

Plant bulbs

There’s nothing better than the sweet smell of spring blooms so make sure you plant bulbs now so you can reap the rewards in spring. Daffodils, iris and tulips grow well in the northern rivers region and are easy to maintain. Other more exotic varieties such as freesias, paper whites and anemones can also be grown successfully in this area.

Look after your lawn

Fungal diseases and lawn grubs often crop up during winter so check for these and treat them before they get out of control. Keep an eye out for the winter prickles too and get them under control before summer.

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