Backyard Fire Pit Building Tips

Backyard Fire Pit Building Tips

Imagine the warmth of an open fire and fun conversation in the comforts of your garden. It’s the perfect setting to make lifelong memories with family and friends. 

In this blog post, we share our essential tips for fire pit building in your backyard and provide ideas on choosing the right style suited for any time of the year.

Choosing the Right Area

Before starting your fire pit building project, there are several aspects to consider regarding location and safety. Ensure your fire pit area is at a considerable distance from your house, at least 3 metres. Also, it’s best to investigate any other potential fire hazards such as electrical power lines, trees, bushes, wooden sheds and garages.

Choosing an area with flat, solid ground is vital for safety. Using gravel and, or rocks to level out the surface of your fire pit will help reduce the risk of a fire escape.

Building the Perfect Fire Pit

When it comes to building a fire pit that’s perfect for your home and family, there’s a wide range of options available. From creating a romantic atmosphere for two, to making a fun, camping style open fire for the kids, fire pit building has several components that need to be considered before construction begins.

Once you’ve decided on the fire pit’s shape, size, surface and style, you’re on your way to creating your dream outdoor fire area. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Size and Shape Matters

A fire pit’s size depends on how much space you have in your backyard and how many people you plan to entertain. Our recommendation is to take measurements around your chosen location. Consider how many people can gather around the fire pit and the additional furniture you would like to include in the area. Using string and pegs or spray painting a grassed area will help provide perspective on the actual size and whether it will work with the rest of your garden.

Existing outdoor furniture can help determine an ideal shape for your fire pit. A long narrow fire pit may compliment the rectangular benches or narrow outdoor tables you already have in your patio or garden. Building a circular fire pit surrounded with concave shaped chairs can create an intimate atmosphere. We offer a range of beautiful seating options that could be used around your firepit. Some ideas for new seating could include rustic bridge timber and sandstone.

Defining Your Fire Pit Area

From gravel to paving to decorative stones and rocks, the surface you choose helps designate your fire pit zone from the rest of your garden. When considering gravel or rocks, a steel lawn edging creates a finished, neat look for your fire pit entertaining area.

We stock Straightcurve – a flexible and easy to curve and bend, steel edging which can create any surface shape. The edge and spikes are made from one piece of steel, without extra pins, pegs or joiners, giving your fire pit surface a clean, seamless finish.

Make Fire Pit Building Easy 

Whether you’re creating a classic style, barbecue or inbuilt fire pit, our friendly team can help make fire pit building simple for you. We have all the landscaping supplies you need to create a unique fire pit area for your backyard.

We love seeing customers enjoy the beauty their gardens bring every season. There’s a beautiful opportunity for special get-togethers with family and friends by building a fire pit at your home.

At Plateau, we inspire our customers with fun and beautiful ideas for their gardens. Located in Alstonville, we are your go-to specialists for landscape supplies in the Northern Rivers region. We happily provide and deliver your ideal landscape supplies to Byron Bay, Ballina and Bangalow.

The Plateau Landscaping team are ready to help with your fire pit building project.

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