Building Sandstone Stairs: 5 Steps to Success

Building Sandstone Stairs: 5 Steps to Success

Image by The Landscaped Garden

Dealing with steep hills and slopes in your backyard can be tricky. Finding the right landscaping solution can also be a challenge. Outdoor sandstone stairs are an excellent option.

With adequate planning and sourcing materials from a reputable local landscape supplies centre, you can transform your rugged garden slopes into an attractive outdoor feature.

Our 5 Steps to Success for Building Sandstone Stairs

This blog post outlines the simple techniques to create stunning sandstone stairs with an appealing natural look. Get ready to be uplifted.

1. Choose the Right Area 

Finding a suitable garden location for your sandstone stairs is the first step in the right direction.

Using a garden hose lets you work out the curves for your flight. You can also determine the best direction and position while making necessary adjustments to your pathway.

When deciding on space, think about having enough room for two people to walk side-by-side. Our recommendation is to plan a width of 90 centimetres to 1 metre for your stairway.


2. Selecting Materials Wisely

Whether you’re looking for a curved path or structured sandstone stairs, you want to choose the right blocks and stone type to enhance the surroundings.

The choices can be overwhelming. Start with a sketch of your ideal structure and take your ideas to an experienced landscape rock supplier who can help choose suitable materials.

The friendly Plateau Landscaping team can provide advice and recommendations on building your sandstone stairs. Our landscape supplies centre holds a wide selection of blocks, slabs, and other decorative landscaping supplies perfect for your sandstone stair design.


3. Marking Out Your Ideal Sandstone Stairs Layout

We suggest using spray paint to mark the path and location of your sandstone steps. You can also then calculate the highest point of your flight and locate its lowest. The markings can also be a guide to see how many steps you need to build.


4. The Only Way is Up in Preparing Your Sandstone Stairs 

Excavating the ground for your sandstone stairs project will require the most manual labour. The rest of the process will be more straightforward, once you have levelled out the ground for the base step.


Having the right tools will help make the job easier. Our recommendations include:

  • Shovel
  • Pickaxe or mattock
  • Trowel
  • Level
  • Rake


Don’t forget to arrange a wheelbarrow and a skip bin to remove and dispose of the excess dirt. This part of the project might also be a great time to call on a friend for some help.


5. Lay the sandstone

When setting down the first block of your flight of sandstone stairs, it’s essential to align and centre it to the pathway. You want to ensure that the ground is level for this part of the building process. Establishing the foundation correctly for the base will make building the rest of the sandstone stairs easier. Your pathway will also be safe, avoiding awkward slopes and tripping hazards.


Here at Plateau Landscaping, we want to make sure your sandstone stairs project rewarding and fun. Located in Alstonville, our team can offer professional advice for landscaping and natural paving in Byron Bay, Ballina and the Northern Rivers area.

As your local landscape rock supplier, we can answer all your questions if you’re at the planning stage for your sandstone stairs. Our team will be happy to give you advice on which decorative landscaping stone will best work with your sandstone stairs while providing other valuable tips.

We can also deliver sandstone and landscape supplies throughout Alstonville, Byron Bay, Northern Rivers, and Ballina for our keen gardeners and DIY enthusiasts.


Ready to build your sandstone stairs? Let the team at Plateau Landscaping help with the right supplies.

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